Ditch sleepless nights for financial security

Get monetary peace of mind. We pay your invoices predictably, removing all risk of delayed payment for the work you complete.

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How does Paid work?

  • Launch your project

    Once you and your client are agreed on the work to be completed, either you or the client (if the client uses Paid to manage their suppliers) set up an online contract with us. This covers both of you legally and financially in case of any issues.

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  • Work your magic

    Knuckle down and complete the project. When you're done, simply notify your client via your Paid account. They'll then review your work and confirm that it's been completed.
  • Receive your payment

    When the work is approved by your client, if you’ve chosen instant payment, we'll pay your invoice right away. The funds will land in your bank within three business days - usually within a few hours.

  • That's you done

    After paying you, if you chose instant payment we'll work directly with your client to settle the outstanding bill our side. Job done!

As a freelancer, it can be very stressful waiting on overdue invoice payments. Paid is the simple solution I’ve been searching for. I now feel much more financially secure!

Christabel Larkin, Copywriter

Whoever you are, get paid fairly

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