The Paid promise:
Less stress, more progress

They say money makes the world go round...

So, whoever you are and whatever you do, securing payment for work completed is paramount to keeping your financial globe turning.

However, in contrast to bigger businesses, freelancers and micro businesses don't have access to financial products designed to safeguard them against invoice payment predicaments.

One day, we want to become a complete micro business platform providing you with support in everything you do.Today, we're here to help you get paid.

We're a small but solid bunch of thinkers and doers who share one very important quality: whatever we do, we do it well.

From our engineers blueprinting the Paid platform to our designers bringing the Paid brand to life, we're all achieving a job well done.

Meet our team

Tom Howsam


Having founded Paid in 2017, Tom's aim is to financially empower micro businesses and freelancers alike. He leads the Paid team with clear vision, developing the business and upholding its core values as he does so.

Jeff Longhurst

Non executive director

With over fourty years worth of know-how in the field of finance, Jeff joined the team in October 2018. His time spent as chair of the Invoice Finance & Asset Lending Board for UK Finance sets him in strong stead to support our platform.

John Hodkinson


Natalie Larkin


Liam Russell


Ben Cooper


Martin Elliot


Paul Weavers

Non executive director

Our values

At Paid, we do things differently.

  • Fairness

    Everyone's an expert in their own way. That's why we pay team members fairly, with everyone earning the same progressive salary regardless of their role.

  • Transparency

    We want everybody to be on the same page. That's why our company decisions are openly discussed, and we welcome thoughts, suggestions and opinions from every team member.
  • Shared Ownership

    Paid is working towards a brighter future and we want our team to share in its success. After one year, employees join our team share pot, making them Paid shareholders.

  • Equality

    Everyone in our team is treated equally, always. That's why we back flat holacratic management over a top down hierachy, giving people the power to self-manage instead.

Shot of the Paid team

People first

A happy team matters most to us, and we hope to achieve this through how we treat our employees. We realise that those working for us have honed their skill sets over time and are experts in their own field.

That's why we never (ever!) micromanage our team. Instead, we encourage peer-to-peer decision making which taps into every person's strengths: collaboration is everything.

And, because you should work from wherever works best for you, we let our team members decide whether to collaborate remotely or from a nearby meetup space.

Rewarding talent

Paid is proud to pay its employees significantly higher than average salaries.

This is because we want the very best talent out there and, when we find it, we reward it.

In return, we embolden each employee to make a big impact within the Paid team.

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