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Onboard small suppliers in 6 minutes, automate contracting and invoicing, and pay your suppliers on time, every time!
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Transform the way you work with small suppliers

Automate onboarding, contracting, invoicing and payment with Paid. Save time, money and unlock the hidden value of the long tail.
How it works

Do it the Paid way

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Onboarding Re-imagined

Suppliers self onboard in just 6 minutes, thanks to automated KYC, AML and credit checks taking place behind the scenes.
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Ensure Compliance

Customise your set up and maintain standards. Add assessments and surveys for suppliers to complete before they start work.
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Contracting and Payments

Automate contracting, easily create work, authorise and make payments compliant with the prompt payment code.
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Insights and Analytics

Get all the insights you need to identify savings, improve processes and strengthen supplier relationships.